Bought Upgrade Bundle but don't know how to do anything!

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    I just bought the Upgrade Bundle($99) which is supposed to include:

    Currently the $99 Value Bundle includes a 1 year subscription to:

    Domain Name & Mapping
    Space Upgrade
    No Ads
    Custom Design

    I am not able to map the domain name I registered. I cannot activate the Custom Design. …. I can “preview for free” but when I go to “activate and purchase” it shows me this message…. “That item is already in a bundle in your cart and has not been added separately.”

    SO… how am I supposed to activate or ^ “add separately” so that I am able to use the custom fonts, design etc.

    I am not able to do anything besides what I did with my Free Blog, and I just purchased this upgrade for a reason.

    Please help me out if you have been through this.


    The blog I need help with is



    There is no blog linked to your username. Please post an active link strating with http:// to the blog in question so we can help you.

    I am not able to map the domain name I registered.

    We need to know what the URL of the domain is please.



    My domain name is
    but when I type it in the support page says no slashes.
    Can you please help me claim my domain.



    PS I do not like this bundle I bought either.



    If you want to purchase a domain mapping upgrade for the free hosted blog linked to your username to the domain you linked to above then please follow this guide >

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