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Bought Value Bundle, yet still getting Custom design renewal message

  1. In August I bought the Word Press Value Bundle ($99) which as you know includes Custom Design to customise your site's appearance and choose unique fonts and colors.

    However, I am still getting a message saying my Custom Design ($30) is expiring.

    I guess this is the one I bought last year but why would I be getting a warning message if I have since purchased the Value bundle, which includes Custom design?

    Much appreciated,

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  2. Hi Gus,

    You're right: the expiration warning is being triggered by the expiring Custom Design Upgrade that you previously purchased.

    I can remove this "old" custom design for you, but I'd recommend you copy down any customization beforehand. If you don't want it removed, it will simply expire on the date stated, and then go away.

    The reason why you would get the warning, even though you have a "new" custom design, is because the two items are registering to your blog differently, so the blog thinks they are both legitimate.


  3. Thanks for your response Z,

    I want to keep the custom design (Droid sans: titles/Skolar: heading and text etc). So are you saying I don't need to do anything to ensure these remain in place?

    If not, it's not a big deal if I have to re-do it manually when the old one expires, but I just want to ensure that it is as seamless as possible for users of the site.



  4. Gus,

    You should have a seamless experience. An option is to make a note of the changes you have in place, and then cancel the old Custom Design upgrade at a time that is convenient for you (perhaps a little late at night or a little early in the morning), when your users won't notice if the changes "blink" a little.

    You shouldn't see any change, however, since your Dash just takes the presence of the upgrade into account, not where it came from or how many there are.


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