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box on blog for comments?

  1. Hi
    I'm a newbie to wordpress...Have posted my first blog but don't see room/space/box for readers to write comments at the bottom. What do I need to do to provide that space on my blogs? Or, how do readers write comments re blog they are reading? Thanks!

  2. maybe under setting or when you edit posts you unchecked the area where it says "allow comments".

  3. @aw1923: No she didn't!

    @marthaopdahl: You don't need to do anything - the comments box opens by clicking on the "No Comments" link below your post.

    By the way, once you add more posts your introduction will get buried beneath them: you should consider transferring it to a page instead of a post.

  4. Thank you panaghiotisadam....and aw1923 for trying. Re clicking "no comments" to post a wld never have occurred to me to do that. I wonder if other viewers don't post comments cuz they don't see where to do it. I originally had my intro in the sidebar too, but it looked repetitive at this stage.Will move it there once i post my next blog. I appreciate the suggestion for it confirms my intention.Thanks again for quick reply!

  5. sorry thought you tried to click no comments and then you still couldn't see the comment box.

  6. Click "no comments" to comment? It's the same computer reasoning behind click "start" to shut down...It seems one wld be drawn to comment by clicking what cld easily be labeled "comment."Anyway.....thanks for your help.It cleared up a puzzlement....

  7. If your post has a "read more" in some themes that page will show comments. Other themes have other solutions.

  8. The link to the comments box is meant to show how many comments you have. Once you have, say, two comments, it will change from "No comments" to "2 Comments".

  9. Yes. Having to click on the number of comments to leave a comment is a bit "quirky", but it's commonplace and OK once you get used to it. The other thing you can do, if you want to NOT allow comments directly on pages (whilst perhaps allowing comments on blog entries) is to create a PAGE called comments, or general comments, or something like that with only a short note saying you'd love to hear people's views and please leave one for you - that opens up a box in some themes - take a look at and look in the contents section.

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