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    I think the widget is a great addition to WP, but doesn’t it open the community up to all kinds of issues about copyright violation?

    It seems pretty clear that the most common usage of the widget is sharing mp3’s, and even though I would love to do that with my readers, I’m more than a little scared to be so open about it.

    Does anyone else have these concerns or am I just paranoid? :D



    It’s the individual’s responsibility to ensure that he’s not violating copyright. It’s not only a legal issue, it’s against the terms of service to violate copyright. There are, however, lots of ways of sharing MP3s that don’t violate copyright or irritate copyright owners and it’s the blogger’s responsibility to find those.



    Box has terms of service, as do we.
    As it says in the faq, you can share what is legal.

    If downloads are legal, put it in a widget. We don’t go round stomping on blogs we think are wrong, only to those we know are wrong.

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