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  1. @muntoo

    Staff said:

    the best way to get this fixed is if you can get in touch with us at:
    We'll work with things from there and try to get this all squared away for you. Thanks!

    Please follow those instructions and contact Staff directly at the link provided.

  2. Unfortunately, had ended supporting the original format for blogs a while ago.

    However, they informed us that the "Advanced" version of the widget will work. Please update your code if you previously installed the sidebar widget.

  3. How does one "update your code"?
    I deleted my flask player widget and re-installed and I still get that pesky extraneous code tacked on every time I save the html code I copy from per the instructions.

  4. Darrell, don't use the embed code given on the sign up page.

    After you've signed in to, go into the folder where you've uploaded your songs and click on the "embed folder in your site" link in the right sidebar. Then copy the embed code from the "folder widget" window that opens and paste that into the widget. You can also customize the width/height of the widget there.

    The downside to having to use this "advanced" widget is that there's no more color customization. The upside is that once you've embedded your widget, you can log into the widget to either allow or disallow mp3 downloads.

  5. Well, that solves the extraneous link problem. I cannot get the new widget to display in "list" format. The related selection code seems to disappear when I save. I think I liked the old flash player better.

  6. Sign into the widget on your blog and you can change the display setting there if you didn't set it up that way on

    As long as you don't mind the extraneous code, you can keep using the old widget. It's not exactly like they're giving us a choice. Just saying...

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