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  1. I'd like to add a widget, but the instructions seem to be based on someone not having a account.

    I already have a account so what do I do?

    Do I understand correctly that when the widget is in place and the reader clicks on a file (a PDF) listed on the widget, the PDF will open in my blog and not on the site?

    Another related question...

    If I add a file or replace a file on my site, am I able to edit the widget to point to the new files?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please do not type in all capital letters. In cyberspace that's equivalent to shouting into the faces of those who are trying to help you.

  3. For starters, do you have a free or paid box account?

  4. I currently have a free box account.

  5. After you've uploaded your files to a specific folder on box, go up a folder level and then click the "more options" arrow on the right side of the page. You should see "Share" and then "Embed folder in your site", click on it and grab the embed code. That is what you should paste into the widget on You will have to adjust the widget's width to suit your theme.

    As far as what happens when someone clicks on the files in the widget, PDF's will cause a "Save/Download" window to open on your visitor's computer, JPG's will open in a little preview window, MP3 files will play.

  6. Lastly, any changes that you make to the contents of the folder on will be updated in the widget.

  7. Oh, and one more last thing, the color of the widget is not configurable like it says in the Support doc.

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