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  1. I have put the widget in my sidebar to share documents. The problem is that it will not allow me to rename the widget, so I am stuck with the default widget title: flash__widget. In the drop down blue arrow, it does not list a "settings" link like it shows in the WordPress instructions. Help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried changing the widget name directly on (which is actually now

  3. I tried changing it from and the menu in the widget (which connects to Neither way allowed me to change the title of the widget.
    However, with your help, I went directly to and from there I was able to change it. So, mucho, mucho thanks!

    Looks like the change from .net to .com is still a kink to be worked out on either WordPress or Box's end. The WP widget menu needs to link to instead of

  4. Glad to help.

    Net or Com, it doesn't matter. If you go to log in on, you'll be redirected to The widget and its files are correctly linked regardless.

    Best wishes.

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