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boy from heaven here!!!!!!!

  1. Nay deltafoxtrot... stalking rum is a tad more fun.

    I've never seen anyone that looked like Jack Sparrow stalking gin. Ask me to choose between a rum-swilling Jack Sparrow (shhh... it's more fun to think of him as Jack Sparrow than Johnny Depp) and this guy... I choose rum.

  2. When in doubt I go for the Long Island Ice Tea, anyway.

  3. Where is Long Island, anyway? aaah, New York!

  4. I'm sure there's an island with that name somewhere else say Indonesia (Pulau Panjang) 0_o

  5. If you look at the map of NZ which is comprised of two islands you will see that the northern island is longer than the southern island, they call it Long island, this bloke doesn't come from heaven at all he's a blinking Kiwi.

  6. So, where's the booze?

  7. Or, foregoing the booze... where's Jack Sparrow?

  8. In heaven, we're back on topic.

  9. I am partial to island malt myself, and have an extensive collection.
    Not sharing, though.

  10. Who is that Jack Parrot you guys talking about?

  11. He was the famous parrot-pet of Blackbeard Teach - who terrorized the coast of South Carolina in the 1700's.

  12. Oh, nay yellaojrak... no Parrot can compare with the Sparrow. Others might, like a Parrot... copy him, but there's no other like the real Sparrow.

  13. @kstafford - Shh. I don't want any other image than the one from the movie in my head.

  14. I've just got back from heaven :)

  15. "this monkeys going to heaven" -- I'm gonna listen to the Pixies: Doolittle album right now.

  16. Thank goodness I don't speak English well, Chris (dlager). Else, I'd start to think you wish me dead.

    Heaven ain't so bad, friends. Anyone should take a peek even for once sometime -- just a suggestion.

  17. Haha you youngsters today are so bright. but you need a little Rock n Roll in ya:

    for you Baba:

  18. I got a lot of Rock n' Roll in me. Yeah, baby!

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