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    This morning, I learned from watching my Referrers, that a blog-entry was framed and branded at a commercial website Although I have mosted basic copyright statements on my blog, this website has framed all content and all images, including my blog logo-header.

    I wrote to the contact at the website, asking for removal of my content and images and specifically telling them that they did NOT have permission to frame and brand any portion of my blog or blog entries.

    At 7.31 am this morning, the person wrote back the following:
    “ mission is to be a crafting resource center for our daily visitors. We direct the over 3,000 daily visitors to other crafting site through direct links to those site. Thus increasing traffic to the sites we feature. Links are beneficial to websites because some search engines use links when ranking sites.

    The link to your site was a direct links (nothing has been copied). We display your site within a frameset with a small frame at the top to allow our users to return to our site from where they left.

    As per your request, we have removed the link to your site.

    However we would appreciate you considering giving us permission to continue to link to your site which would be of benefit to you.”

    Three hours later, the frame is still live and my content and images are still captured there. I decided to place the blog-entry in a PRIVATE mode for now.

    What can be done through administration?


    Member does not involve itself in copyright disputes between bloggers and third parties. Your next point of recourse is a strongly-worded letter on lawyer’s letterhead.



    {waving to raincoaster}

    I believe the information in this post may be helpful when it comes to gaining an overall understanding


    fwiw, what needlepointers is doing isn’t terribly evil. google does the same thing for image searches. The header does include a “remove this frame” link, and they are loading your whole page. Since your page full frame, you’re not losing anything, and they’re right, it does benefit you.



    And also, needlepointers isn’t taking any content or images or trying to trick users into thinking that the user’s content are needlepointers’ content, so there’s no copyright infringements or problems. The site is just linking and framing the user’s site. Frames are used by lots of link and search sites.



    Since I am not commercialized, where do I “benefit”? I did this for fun and nothing more, but someone wanting to make money off of others without much effort pisses me off. They are capturing MY pages, MY content, MY images, and MY work. They’re a click-thru site and I resent how they thieve from others for personal gain. I don’t get the impression that you folks are versed on the legal cases that have settled or are pending. But that’s okay.

    I’ve decided that I’ll pull my content from here and work from within 2 websites that could utilize the content.



    What can be done through administration?
    Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice (retired)


    they’re not capturing anything. just linking to it. google also presents links to your content and advertises based on its index.

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