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Breach of TOS???

  1. You're allowed to link to your business. Staff deal with business blogs all the time, and that is not an issue at all. Look at for an example. You can guess the name of the business (and website) just by looking at the URL! But this is not a violation of TOS.

    The issue here is that the links to a for-profit business meant so much to these particular people that they preferred to delete the blog and leave rather than give up the links. That makes things rather clear, don't you agree?

  2. i read about 4 pages in before i got tired of looking for links to plentyoffish from said blog. you can do the same with VIFAH home furnishings. by contrast, you can find links pretty quickly from sunburntkamel to archgfx, from lorelle to 'take your camera on the road', from darwindating's blog to their site, and from the deleted blog to their gardening site.

    the issue here, is not, as you have surmised, that they deleted their blog. it's an issue with the vague wording of the TOS, which _you_ can't change.

  3. You know what I’ve found interesting in all this is not whether WordPress were right or wrong or whether the blog writer was right or wrong, it’s the attitude of some of the bloggers here.

    Alright so the terms and conditions aren’t that clear and WordPress taking action against a blog like this is neither here nor there as this is an opportunity to improve upon those hazy elements of the TOS. Alternatively, I really can’t blame any business owner who runs a blog here to promote their business at every opportunity. I’ve been in business and thankfully been incredibly successful with it for over 20 years and I’m just as likely to slip my business card into your hand when I shake it today as I was when I first started out in this game.

    As for the blog that was affected in all this; no they didn’t delete their blog, they still have a blog, albeit it’s on a different server. From what I see, they’re doing exactly the same on their new blog as they were on there blog here, namely posting original content which is copyrighted to them / her and signing off their postings with a link to their website. This seems more acceptable to me than the many blogs on this network that simply pluck content from elsewhere to try and elevate their own status. These bloggers who have moved on to a different server seem totally unaffected by all this. They appear to have taken the helpful advice from some of the posters here.

    I also find it interesting that all this seems to have had the least effect on the person who ran the blog as opposed to the effect it’s had on people who had nothing to do with it al all.

    Yes I just set up this user name only yesterday, as I often do, as occasionally I like to swoop down from my usual business, something well known and very successful and not like to taint that with the behaviour of some of the blogger here. If you search around you’ll see that I’m certainly not a rare breed; particularly among my US counterparts.

    Timethief, yes I like to lurk and most of all I like to listen and observe. I have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. Your attitude towards the people concerned is just so typical of the type of behaviours that has been emanating from social / cyber networks over the last couple of years. A derisory intolerance which we see more and more. No, you’re not an activist in the true sense; you think you are. Rosa Parks, Ed Roberts, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt ; these are examples of activists in the truest sense. No puffed up holier than thou approach, or a derisory intolerance to others. No desk thumping or caps locking high and mighty better than thou preaching.

    No Timethief, you’re not an activist although I suspect you try to put that image across due to some significant lack on your life. A deep painful lack which you probably cannot acknowledge any more. Your attitude towards men, effectively half the human species leads me to suspect that to you time is a thief; robbing you gradually of something that you desire and in order to conceal this you ‘activize’ yourself towards others. It’s this intolerance of others that has lead us to where we are in today’s political and social climate. No, these aren’t activists, they’re protestors; a mere footstep away from being extremists, and we know where extremism leads. I won’t patronize you Timethief (as you do others) in spelling it out to you.

    No time isn’t a thief. Time matures. Time teaches. Time develops and more importantly, time heals. For some people who pray to a god, time is also eternal. Timethief you try and illuminate yourself to many people with your pretend ‘activism’ or protests. It’s a shame that you don’t make the right impression to those that matter and could help you in your interests.

    No doubt you’re already puffing yourself up and locking your caps key in reply to this. Me? I’m going back to doing what I do best and unfortunately for you Timethief, your hurriedly scrambled reply to this in your red anger of haze will be wasted as I consider this silly matter to be over. I’ve got better things to do with my own ‘time’ than to waste on your intolerance to others.

    Oh and Timethief I wouldn’t worry too much about next Wednesday.

  4. This is the perfect place to note once again that remarks one makes in the forum are the very foundation of your reputation around WordPress.

  5. I don't use the forum as much as I should, I suppose, for I believe it can be quite a blogging tool. However, often when I am here, it strikes me as thoughtful of some (I speak of members now, not staff) who are quick to help others with problems. Sad to say, however, often these same people do come across as "know-it-alls," as lacking in tolerance, and as patronizing.

    My point in saying this is to remind those who read here that such people (as far as I know) are not official representatives of WordPress, and it is not fair to judge WordPress by these person's actions.

    Again, I think it's great that we can help each other since the staff obviously can't be on this forum 24/7. I'm encouraging thoughtfulness and civility. Humble wouldn't hurt.

  6. You have yet to link a blog to your name in your profile, and you have yet to create a post, but here you are in the forum ... making an off topic personal attack on me.
    A self-admitted spy, a voyeur and a snob. But most of all a man on a self-appointed mission and with a pressing need to threaten me from his safe, lofty pedestal while masquerading as a voice of wisdom.
    Well, I guess I made the correct call after all, offset you are in the entertainment business, as a bad actor.

  7. @TT I have one thing to say - and that is whatever the rights and wrongs of this "issue" that I am so very sorry you had to be humiliated publicly like this with such a personal attack. You are one of the most prolific posters - no helpers here who, from what I have seen, is always one of the first to lend a helping hand, however imperfectly, with a genuine intent to help people out. I am sure many have benefited from your help. I suppose this is always the risk you run. I'm sorry also for the deafening silence here in that respect.
    Sorry Girl.
    Keep your chin up.

  8. The plentyoffish site says the world's largest blog is Perez Hilton's blog. And you know his numbers will just go higher.

    ~ bangs head on computer screen ~

  9. As I said earlier, the contributions people make to these forums speak for them, often in far greater detail than they themselves realize.

    Timethief's help has been invaluable to me and to innumerable others, and I think her reputation here is intact.

    I, of course, stand by all my earlier remarks and would like to add that none of the "incredibly" successful business men I know would take the time to write a 763-word, personally researched attack against a stranger on an Internet forum. This behaviour is called trolling.

  10. Successful businessmen are not up in the middle of the night registering just to get a user name without a blog and devoting their time and energy to composing 1100 word personal attacks on individuals they don't even know. That's why I didn't and don't feel in the least humiliated by the off-base and out-of-bounds attack of this poor soul.
    I did temporarily disconnect my username from my url in my profile after I received the anti-feminist hate mail sent to the email address on my blog(s). But when the power came on back on 8 hours later I checked my email again and found I had 17 emails that were a complete contrast as they were

    (1) thanking me for all the help I give on the forum and for the helpful posts in my blog;
    (2) saying they thought my sense of humor was very funny;
    (3) saying offset was an idiot and liar (a successful businessman up at 3 AM personally attacking someone he didn't even know on the wordpress forum - get real!);
    (4) saying offset was an ignorant chauvanist pig, who was just triggered by what I said to Judy (the artpromoter's wife) in jest, "Pat him on the butt, give him an apron ..."
    (5) saying they didn't want to become commercial and that one link was enough (except for three people thought that a second one on the About page would be okay too);
    (6) saying the only reason artpromoter had a blog was just to send their website traffic and this intent was evidenced by the link in every post (11 people said this);
    (7) saying that when artpromoter removed the link at the end of each post and replaced it with a snotty attack on wordpress for having to remove the link that artpromoter became a dog in the manager;
    (8) saying that I shouldn't give-in to assholes like artpromoter and offset;
    (9) saying it was cool to have a non geeky non techy girl working on the forum with drmike.

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm cool with letting this thread die. I'm living on borrowed time and I'm putting the time I have left to good use here doing the very best I can to help. The other three can't make that claim.

  11. Since the original issue has now been resolved with the departure of artpromoter it would be great if a mod could lock this. It would be even better if they could delete the troll posts :)

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