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    Beside my usual posts, my blog contains several pages with several embedded levels of parents and “grand parents” etc. I have the css upgrade. Does anyone use the so-called “breadcrumb” navigation? (there’s an example here: And if so, how do I implement it?


    Anyone? Pleazzzzzz?



    Just so you know, there are very few volunteers on the forum who know anything at all about CSS. If anyone can give you an answer they will, but don’t hold your breath.



    Filips, I don’t think it’s implementable here. But I’m not 100% sure. I just can’t imagine the codes that’ll do that breadcrumbs stuff.


    I’m pretty sure to implement it would take access to the underlying theme files which we do not have at wordpress.COM.


    Ok, thanks guys



    That was my opinion as well. If you want, though, you can write a static page with your link structure in it. A ton of work, though.

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