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    As you can see on the page linked above, when using an image as the first item of a post, the Chunk theme creates what I can best describe as a “cushion” between the image and the headline. This does not happen with text, and there aren’t any image-specific settings I have found that eliminate it. And it doesn’t happen with all images, just those at the beginning of the post. Later on in the linked post is another image, this time nicely spaced between two paragraphs.

    Is there any way to remove this “cushion” without a CSS upgrade? Even then, is it possible?

    The blog I need help with is


    On center aligned images, they normally do a “clear:both” so that so that the image does not pick up a previous float left or float right.

    Since your images are full-width, don’t center them as there is no need. Do an alignment of “none” and the gap will disappear.



    That did the trick! Thank you!


    You are welcome.



    @wackfiend: just out of curiosity, how did you get to put the Category of the posts in the header in the Someone Who’s Cool (linked) blog ???


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