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Break my blog

  1. I've been doing more CSS hacking on my blog and I'm looking for feedback. I'm a little worried that I've made the side hopelessly more complicated... so mentioning anything that's weird or doesn't make sense would be very much appreciated.

  2. When you pasted in the list of blog pimping suggestions, the list gradually disappeared to the left as you get further down the page. I'm using IE6. When you hover the cursor over the name of the contributor, the name jumps back to the right, but not the text.

  3. I think I fixed it by changing all the blockquotes to list elements... let me know!

  4. I just installed IE6 standalone and found gobs of CSS errors that I fixed.

  5. How much do you care about cross-browser compatibility?

    I ask because if you care your blog to look good only in Firefox and IE then those will be the browsers I'll use.

    BTW, lovely cat. I have two :D

  6. Dang, that's a lot of stuff on the front page.

    As to cross borwser, you can test it at if you want.

  7. you can also get safari screenshots from
    they don't have quite the server load that browsershots does, so you don't have to wait in queue.

  8. I'll have to remember that one.

  9. The amount of times I messed up my blog at Blogger by changing codes and new layouts and backgrounds. I use to change something every week or so and regretted after. Just save everything on Notepad first. The first time I didn't save it, I had to start from zero and lost everything on my sidebars.

  10. The list is fixed.

  11. What I care about most is general design... like Mike's comment "that's a lot of stuff on the front page". I knew I was in trouble when my sidebar has a sidebar.

    I'm playing around with the idea of this structure: --> portal page -> blog posts, full (what is now) -> blog posts with excerpts

    I'm having trouble accepting the fact that the design is too complicated... so I'm looking for criticism like "when I look at it I don't know what this means?". How people actually would navigate, etc.

  12. Okay, I hate the fact that I have to scroll left-right to see the whole blog. Font is too loud, like yelling. Shrink the whole thing down by 10% and I might love it, though.

  13. I meant that the font size is too big, giving the YELLING impression.

  14. I was wondering about the sidebar of a sidebar. :)

    But seriously, I was looking at the content. Dropping into the page and paging down, it was kind of hard figuring out where stuff was.

  15. @rc: your resolution is 800x600?

    @mike: by figuring out where stuff was... which stuff do you mean? Like how to find categories, etc? Or that there was just so much going on in one page...

    Does this look better:

  16. Actually I just took a look at your 101 tshirts page within Netscape 7.2 and all the stuff that you've got at the bottom of your post like the comment policy is covering the bottom half of your post.

    The /tag/main looks fine except for the right sidebar. It's frozen and you can't see it from #15 down within Netscape 7.2.

    Hope this helps,

  17. yes, my resolution is 800x600.

    The page numbers are not intuitive. I had to click on them to see what they were numbers OF. A simple vertical "Pages" at the top would help.

  18. Thanks for the feedback guys.

  19. Not a problem. We get paid for this, right? ;)

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