Break tag gets lost by Visual tab

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    I have several tables in my blog which hold pedigrees. Each cell contains an entry consisting of the cat’s registered name followed on the next line by it’s breed number.

    What I find is that I can put the
    tags in in the HTML editor tab to get the correct spacing (two of them for the first two columns of cells, one for the second two columns) but a round trip to the ‘Visual’ editor tab and back removes them. This is annoying to say the least – surely anyone using the HTML editor tab should know what they are looking at?

    Also, I found the window in the HTML editor tab far too small – I ended up editing the code in Notepad++ and using copy & paste to drop it back into WP.

    The blog I need help with is



    I see that the above has interpreted my break tag rather than displaying it. I mean the less than sign ‘<‘ followed by ‘br ‘ and a greater than sign ‘>’.


    <br />



    an empty line also inserts a line break and two empty lines inserts a paragraph. Probably @panaghiotisadam told me about this fact.


    To display html here, you paste it between backticks.

    The br tag (as well as the p tag) is only removed in the sense of not been visible. Pressing enter in the html editor, or shift-enter in the visual, or copy-pasting text with line breaks from a text editor into the html post or page editor produces br tags in your source codealthough you don’t get to see them in the editor. They will only remain visible if they include style attributes.



    It seemed to get removed in that the space kept vanishing when I saved the edit and viewed the page…


    What space? The br tag is used to create a line return, not extra space. For extra space you need different coding. Please point to a specific example and tell us how you’d like it to be.



    I suspect what is going on is that HTML should be insensitive to white space, but when you switch from the Visual editor to the HTML one, it doesn’t show the paragraph and break tabs that someone used to other HTML editors suspect should be there – it seems to continue to reply on invisible markup, which isn’t helpful IMHO.

    A solution to making sure that the cat’s name is always followed by a certain amount of space is to wrap it in a paragraph along with a padding style:

    <p style="padding-bottom: 1.4em;">Cat's name</p>


    I know they don’t show all the HTML so that it isn’t confusing, but for anyone that knows even a modicum of HTML, the missing tag drive us nuts. I hate that about the .COM visual editor.



    It isn’t confusing that all the HTML doesn’t show? Surely it is! One *should* be able to layout HTML code so it’s readable rather than having to lay it out so the rendered text is correct… Incidentally I found a page about the editors, but it doesn’t mention the behaviour with the paragraph and break tabs.

    Not sure what this .COM thing you refer to is – could you provide a URL please?


    For people that have little experience with HTML, I know from experience trying to show them how paragraph tags and such work, that it DOES confuse them. With full HTML views, there isn’t a blank line between paragraphs and that confuses them because everything just runs together. I’ve had them try to add in extra lines between paragraphs in HTML so that it look like what they would see MS Word, or in the visual editor.

    For anyone that has, as I say, at least a moderate level of experience with HTML coding, then yes, the missing tags ends up confusing us. We want to see all the tags.

    .COM is wordpress.COM, sorry.

    WordPress uses the TinyMCE editor. I’ve seen some implementations of that editor where all the code is show in HTML view, and I’ve seen some implementations of that editor where the p and br tags do not show. WordPress.COM decided that they did not want to show the p and br tags. Why? I think for the reason I gave. I say that because of all the people that post here in the forums that, from their own admission, do not know the first thing about HTML.



    If someone doesn’t know the first thing about HTML what are they doing using the HTML editor? That lack of knowledge will bit them pretty quick. My answer to anyone having that problem would be ‘you know you know nothing about HTML so don’t use the HTML editor until you do’.

    As it is, I find not seeing them horribly confusing, a confusion I’ve never had using Notepad++, HomeSite or any other HTML editor. Put in a return to layout the HTML and voila! Extra space appears in the rendered version! If only there was a button in the stuff at the top of the window to turn on seeing the paragraph and break tags.

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