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Breast Cancer Awareness Theme?

  1. Just curious to know if there is a Breast Cancer Awareness theme available for Thanks!


  2. The ones now available to blogs are all the ones in the Prsentation. But if someone buys the CSS upgrade, they can do whatever they want to the theme.

  3. Maybe KnicMnac would like to design one for use here at :)

  4. Gosh, I sure wish I was good enough to 'design' a theme! LOL

    Thanks anyway.

  5. @knicknac
    I have a suggestion to make. Please look at the following theme which wank has customized. It's called Reflections and it's by Stacee Leung
    IMO it may work well as a breast cancer awareness theme.

    Currently one out of every nine women get breast cancer and that's a shocking statistic. Maybe we could all be looking in the mirror of reflection on this. If both wank and stacee were agreeable I don't think it would take much adjustment to alter the theme slightly to suit by maybe adding the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon.

    Also maybe we can talk wordpress/Automattic into making this theme (if it is indeed customized to suit this purpose) into one of the free theme choices that bloggers could make.

  6. Let's not forget the guys:

  7. I'm pretty sure the original theme was released under the GPL, so you don't actually need Stacee's or my permission to change the header on it (the size is 335×312px, if anyone wants to have a bash).

    Alternatively, if you don't want/can't afford the CSS upgrade, a number of themes allow you to create and upload custom headers. Regulus and Day Dream both have pink colour schemes as an option.

    Let's not forget the guys

    The guys need to start stealing some of the girls' marketing techniques and not allow us to forget them. Yes, it's a struggle when your cause isn't as intrinsically media-friendly and there's still some residual embarrassment attached, but that's precisely why they need to up their game; lives depend on it. </ot >

  8. I take your point Podz and as well as testicular cancer there's prostate cancer too. IMO it's unlikely that non-techie types are going to try design two awareness themes through css customization. But I do think it would be a wonderful thing for to offer one awareness theme for women and one awarness theme for men as free themes. So what we need is volunteers to design them and Automattic's support. And in an opensource community this shouldn't be hard to achieve, right?

  9. Derek Punsalan has designed a Pink October theme for the standalone version of wordpress. His shade of pink looks more like lilac on my monitor, and I don't rate its chances of being adopted (it's designed for ad-friendliness, not much point in that if you can't have ads ;) ) but I thought it might interest people.

  10. sunburntkamel has css customized rose coloured theme too called "A Thin Line" and screen shots are here

  11. threefatesyarns

    The Pink for October site now has a hex value list of pinks.

    Any help in modifying contempt would be appreciated - I can't get the text and RSS widgets to style!

  12. The only way you can modify a theme at is to purchase an upgrade and customize the css.

  13. I use a thin column from world press

  14. that's a good suggestion for those wanting a breast cx theme. Thanks for chiming in :)

  15. I think a pink ribbon badge will make a difference. You can make on here ->

  16. Fd's flickr toys also has buttons available for download

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