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  1. And other wierd questions I think about in my mind Do you know the answers? Why do women get breast reduction? Makes no sense, right? Anyway this is tons of wierd thoughts and questions I have on a daily basis. Such as, Gum? Why is it so expensive? Wierd right?

    Do you know the answers to the strange questions that roll around my mind? Quiet a few of them regard breasts and underwear, believe it or not.

    Yes, I am a wierdo. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like this. I love random thoughts. Here are some more that you might... like the Fat Gum post over on

  3. Best title ever.

  4. Well, speaking of strange and weird thoughts, I was once walking down the street thinking about bums, (posteriors) when suddenly I found myself sprawled all over the pavement. :) yeah, I know.....don't ask!

    My family still hoot about it, rotten swines. Lol.

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