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  1. Is there a app for a phone with a Brew MP operating system? So far I'm not seeing a app that's meant for this phone and/or operating system. I'm hoping that one of the existing apps will work on my phone, but don't want to download anything without knowing. Thanks for your help.
    Blog url:

  2. See here please > Apps for

  3. Thank you. I've been to that link and don't see an obvious answer to my question. By the way, I appreciate all of the helpful items you post on your blog. I've been to it before.

  4. I'm sorry. I searched for Brew MP and came up with nothing but I'll flag the thread for a Staff response.

    Thanks so much for the blog compliment. You made my day. :)

  5. Thanks for doing that. And yes, I recognized your Gravatar immediately.

  6. Hey there,

    There is not a WordPress app for Brew MP.


  7. Hmm. So it sounds like there's no app that will work for my phone. Thanks for the reply.

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