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Bridge collapse in Minnesota

  1. I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that a major bridge collapse has happened in Minnesota. I whipped up a blog entry real quick.

    Bridge collapse in Minnesota

    I'm going back to the live video now.

  2. I'm updating as details are revealed.

  3. My coverage is concluded. They went to other news.

  4. My dad, and mom take that route to and from work. Thank god nothing happened to them. My friend's little sister was on that school that drowned, an unfortunetly, she's in the hospital tonight.

  5. This has weirded me out more than usual. Lately I have been posting about problems with overpasses in Quebec and this happens and I feel a strong need to post on it, update it, etc. I guess there is a journalist somewhere in every blogger. First time I have been "on" a story like this one and I got to admit, it does get the old adrenalin pumping. But just glad the death toll looks like it may not be as bad as it certainly could have been.

  6. What a nightmare! Only heard about it when I woke up here at 0700. Used to drive that bridge every day to and from work. Hope the numbers stay low.

  7. Ditto here, neath. I spent 2 hours keeping my blog updated as details were revealed on the live video. It's amazing how many people came through on searches. A total of 55 people have viewed the page directly (which is a record for my unknown blog). I'm also glad that the death toll is relatively light compared to what it could've been.

  8. Instead of 30 missing, they're now saying it's 8 missing. They are also tagging people in their cars that are still underwater. :(

  9. I've made 4 posts on the subject and that's what's driving most of my traffic now. I think I'm mostly just going to update the multimedia/resources one whenever I find quality stuff. Of course if some "spectacular" news comes up, I'll probably end up making another entry.

    But, soon I'd like to get back to making the entries that no one cares about. Variety is what I like. I held off on making an entry about candy spray because someone told Samantha about the news, and I ended up spending all night following it.

    It's a sickening event, but from the grand perspective, it actually turned out pretty good. I'm simply amazed at how a packed bridge with a 458-foot single span that fell 64 feet along with the smaller spans only resulted in the few casualties that it did.

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