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    I subscribe to several blogs where when I receive the email, there is a brief description then a “READ MORE” link to click on and that link brings the reader to the full blog column.

    I’d like to set my delivery up that way. I went to Reading Settings and changed:
    For each article in a feed, show
    from full text
    to Summary.

    Will this make it so my subscribers have to click a READ MORE link to read the entire blog?
    Or is there some other setting I have to adjust?


    The blog I need help with is



    Yes. This is what’s in your feed currently ie. only the summary of the posts >
    There are other settings further down the same page . Settings > Reading you may want to explore as well.
    Follower Settings
    These settings change emails sent from your blog to followers.


    Hi timethief
    Thanks for replying. Just for verification, when subscribers now receive my blog they will have to click on the link to read my blog, correct?

    Is there somewhere I can add:
    Clink the link to read more





    Yes they will have to click in but no you cannot add anything.

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