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Brief Gaming Reviews!

  1. This blog was made to give a quick and descriptive gaming reviews that allow people to judge whether the game is a buy or a no go

    Critiques would be nice :D.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not bad, though I prefer my reviews to be thorough.

  3. Its suppose to be quick any ideas for improvement?

  4. Updated with Assassin Creed II review

  5. Bad Company 2 GIVEAWAY 3/17 - 3/24.

  6. l4d2 review up!

  7. Metro 2033 Review up!

  8. starcraftadventures

    Looks good content wise, maybe you could try to improve your design somewhat?

  9. I would need help on that. Any suggestions?

  10. starcraftadventures

    Try using some different themes, play around a little and see what comes out of it. For me hemingway is great, but that may not be the case for your blog.

  11. Alright Thanks for the suggestion. Also


    We have twitter! check out

  12. starcraftadventures

    And you already have a follower! ;)

  13. Sweet I'll be following you as well =P

  14. Did you want to affiliate up

  15. starcraftadventures

    What? Sorry, non-native english speaker here :)

  16. Basically we are associated with each other. like an Ally

    you get?

  17. starcraftadventures

    Yes I understand, but how do you propose to do that?

  18. just by linking each other via the affiliates if you look at my blog on the bottom right hand you'll see the word Affiliates and you'll see two links you can go to. I can tack your website down there.

  19. starcraftadventures

    Sure, I'm doing the same thing. If you can provide me with a logo of your blog (not to big, look at the buttom of my blog to see the sizes) then I'll put your blog down there!

  20. starcraftadventures


  21. starcraftadventures

    Check my blog to see your link!

  22. Oh i see what you did =P. Ignore my icon :<. Thats good though :D

  23. New updates! Amplegaming will be moving towards a new direction :D


  25. Bump Updated News~!

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