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Bring Back Feed Stats!!

  1. I still cannot believe WP removed this option.It was an extremely necessary option. Bring it back WordPress! It's sorely missed!

  2. Actually I do not miss the feed stats we had one little bit. They were retired because they were inaccurate and unreliable so I certainly do not want them back.

  3. well, then bring back the new and improved Feed Stats! :)

  4. When, on June 13 of this year, Matt announced that feed stats were going away, he added: "The code isn’t dead, just taking a break. Perhaps someday feed stats will return, but when they do we hope to do a much better job of collecting and presenting the data."

  5. I welcomed the removal of feed stats at the time because it was inaccurate, incomplete and basically left one with no way of tracking feeds over time - which posts caused a jump in subscriptions, whether there was a drop-off after a certain post, etc.

    But aniche is right. Feeds are an important part of the way people view blogs and it would be great if a new, improved feed counter were re-introduced.

  6. yes. bring em back

  7. I have MORE feed readers than onsite readers? That's a switch!

  8. where can we view that? i can't find it in dashboard?

  9. ah, okay, found the details in andrew's post.

  10. Can someone give me directions on how to turn the new feed stats on? I've red Andrew's post, but can't find the option.


  11. It should be enabled automatically. If I read it right, it shows that type of graph if you view the stats for "individual posts" by clicking the graph icon to the right of them on the stats page.


  12. Unfortunately, they haven't enabled it for the main total hits chart. That would be handy (although I hate the display: if it's three hits, it should go UNDER the "onsite" thirty hits, not on top of it! That makes it look like 33!).

  13. Thanks everyone! I got it.

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