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Bring back the old image posting option, PLEASE!!!

  1. please!!!!!
    I cant post image
    I have refreshed, upgraded and its NOT WORKING
    give the option of the old way to upload images so that I can update my page

  2. erm maybe u can upload it to photobucket instead?

  3. I totally agree with what bragitta says: "Please give option to have the old way of uploading images".

    I cannot get the new method to work. I can create a gallery, but I cannot get individual images to appear in my blog posts.

    I realize you want to advance with technology, but I am languishing with 28k dialup (it is only thing available in my neck of the woods) and the new way of uploading graphics just won't work right for me.

    I liked before to be able to upload one image and then create link to it.

    Regarding riraito's suggestion of uploading to photobucket - that adds a whole lot of extra work which was completely not necessary the way the old photo adding worked. Yes, photobucket is an option. But it is a lesser one than what we used to have.

    Currently I have to upload images to a seperate webserver and then link to them. I much preferred when I could have my graphcis all within WordPress.


  4. If you're using the Flash uploader and not happy with it, just stop using it. Use the Browser uploader, which basically IS the old image uploader. Once you've uploaded your image it gives you a range of options, but you don't need to use any of them. Just copy the URL that it shows you and put that in your post using the Image icon and format there. You can skip all the "small medium large center left right" stuff and do your formatting right in the post.

  5. And fwiw, I found Photobucket's support -- via email -- to be good. I only had one issue but they got back to me within 24 hours.

  6. I found them to be threatening and unhelpful, but maybe they just don't like squid.

  7. That's quite possible, rain. My online persona veers toward the warm and fuzzy.

  8. Use the Browser uploader, which basically IS the old image uploader.

    Damn man, that worked! Right on!

    I just need to avoid that Flash uploader like the plague (although no doubt it is fine for high speeders).

    The Browser uploader did the trick for me. And yeah, it almost looks exactly like the old imagine uploader.

    I'm so glad that I've got my blog graphics back in bizz. Thanks.

  9. You're welcome. I'm teaching a blogging class tomorrow and the computers onsite have not got Flash, nor am I allowed to install Flash on them. This should be delightful, eh?

  10. I didnt use the flash
    and tried to use browser uploader and it still didnt work
    (didnt have a url show up)
    what once was so easy is now a nightmare

  11. Didn't have a URL show up? When you upload through the Browser uploader, you get a whole whack of other options beside the image, one of those is the Link, which is right above where you decide alignment. What's in that box when you upload?

    You can also go to Media Library for uploaded images and click on Show and it will show there. Or you can right-click on teh thumbnail in the list, copy the URL there, and paste it in, removing the little bit at the end of the code that makes it tiny.

  12. New or old, the interactivity between photos and text in separate sections on the same page has been lost.

    I second the motion to put it back the way it was, as I have mentioned here:

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