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Bring back the original homepage!

  1. lettershometoyou

    Just back from holiday and confronted with the mess that is the new homepage. Where's the easy-to-read overview I was used to? Why do I have to wade through bloated icons cluttering up the screen to get at the info I used to get right away?
    This is definitely not an improvement.

    Or maybe this rant is due to the fact British Airways lost my baggage.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Rant away. They are now looking for suggestions via a survey in the sidebar:

  3. lettershometoyou

    My rant here was basically a copy of what I'd already submitted there.

  4. @lettershometoyou-Are you sure you hit the "Post" button there? o_O

  5. lettershometoyou

    No! But I will now.

  6. pornstarbabylon

    My blog is acting funky. Could be related maybe. I'm viewing a post via the permalink. I refresh the page and it becomes distorted beyond recognition. Tried to upload a picture to and the uploader wouldn't show. I usually wait it out and wait for others to complain first. lol

  7. Damn Britist Airways

  8. I find it a pain to find the global tags page now... Damn and now my blog traffic's plummeted too

  9. I agree. Now it's hard to find global tags.

  10. pornstarbabylon

    Yeah this is going to effect people's traffic big time for the worse.

  11. I agree. Bring back the global tags. What little traffic I got mostly came from there. That was cool. Bring it back!

  12. For the mean time you can access the tags page by following this link I encourage you to bookmark the page for future reference

  13. lettershometoyou

    But the tags will come back, right?

  14. Did everyone notice the tab for the tags? Boy...that was a scary week huh? ;)

  15. It's improving.....of course, was the old one that bad in the first place?

  16. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm no not IMO

  17. Bats, I just noticed the tab for tags just now! But still I don't really like the new home page as much.

  18. Does it seem that the BOTD are filled with VIP blogs. There are a few of us regulars but it seems to be VIP.

  19. Does it seem that the BOTD are filled with VIP blogs. There are a few of us regulars but it seems to be VIP.

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