Bringing Back Accidentally Deleted Categories

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    I run the blog more as a website for my condo association. I was cleaning up some of the randomness that was left over from when I was originally setting up the site and still figuring things out. I use categories more to have a page. For example, notes from our treasurer are made as posts and put under the category “Notes from Brian.” The navigation on my site is a custom menu. So, when I post with that category, it basically just looks like a new post added to that “page”. Here’s my question. I accidentally deleted two categories I did not mean to. I have posts under them and they are still showing up. I can still choose those categories when I make new posts. But, they are no longer in my list of categories. Can I get them back? I found the trash sections for comments, posts, and pages. But, what about categories? I don’t want it to be confusing when I had the page over to a new secretary some day.

    The blog I need help with is

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