Bringing my old domain name with me

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    I have been using Google Sites for 2 years and finally bitten the bullet and started creating a new site on (sooooo much easier!)

    However, my issue is this: how do I bring my old domain name with me? I have seen a number of sites where you enter the original domain name address and that then redirects to a new wordpress site which works fine, but you then see the wordpress url in the address bar. I do not want this! I would really like people to type the old domain name and the wordpress site to come up on that domain name.

    e.g. my old site is found at
    my new site is found at

    I don’t want to redirect to and see the wordpress url in the address bar

    I DO want to type to show up as wordpress site and the url address bar to remain as

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s easy. Get the Domain Mapping upgrade and change your nameservers to point to



    Hi, I am trying to do the same exact thing. I have a new website I just created at, and I want that site to show up at my old domain However I tried to change the DNS and screwed up mail for my entire company. How do you avoid messing up the mail? I had to call Network Solutions and have them change the DNS servers back so that we could all get mail again, and they said to write someone at wordpress and ask for the IP address, but — it seems from reading the support documents that these blogs are a subdomain and do not have an ip address… can someone please clarify? I really want to use this new website I’ve created on wordpress, but I cannot afford any more email snafus…

    Thanks for your help. I don’t consider myself a dense person, but this has me really confused. I got my tumblr blog page to easily point to an old domain name but this new one on is not as simple to set up.



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