Bringing the blog and the domain name together

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    I have a blog and I have a domain name and I’d like to bring those two together. I’ve read the documents you have but I still have some questions. With the Guided Transfer purchase – do I just download some documents, or is there someone I can speak to in real time who guides me through those steps? i.e. how much hand holding does the Guided Transfer have (nervous beginner here).
    Would an alternative be to register a different domain name with WordPress and just get the current blog pointed to that? Would that involve a hosting fee then because it wasn’t just a default site?
    Which path would you recommend?

    The blog I need help with is



    Guided Transfer is just to remove your blog from It has nothing to do with attaching a new domain name to your blog.

    All you do to get a new domain on your blog is you click to the Store page of your dashboard, click to buy domain name and domain mapping upgrades, type in the domain you want (making sure someone doesn’t already own it), and pay.



    Thank your for the reply rain coaster. the problem is I already have a domain name and I have a wordpress blog and I want to join them, so buying another domain name in the wordpress store wouldn’t solve my problem, I don’t think



    Then just buy the domain MAPPING upgrade.

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