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    I need to move the placement of the date and the social icons at the top of my page. I need the CSS to move it left, right, etc. and to change the font size and color.



    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    You can change the font size and color with the following CSS (just replace the code of the color you want, you can get color codes here:

    .postmetadata {
    color: #CA2E2E;
    font-size: 2em;

    To change the alignment of the date and social icons, use this with right, center or left:

    .masthead {
    text-align: right;


    Awesome! Is there any way to enlarge the social icons themselves as well?


    Also, when I enlarge the date text, it seems to increase the titles of all my recent posts on the main page. Is there a way to alleviate this?


    Hi, I’m not seeing any social icons on your site. Are you talking about the Share This stuff below the page/post content?


    I’m referencing the small icons in the header.


    Oh my goodness, they are so small, and of such a color I completely missed them. :)

    Add the following to your custom CSS and adjust the font size as desired. I also included the color declaration so you can change that too, should you wish to.

    .menu-social-links a::before, .social_links a::before {
        color: #b3b3b3;
        font-size: 16px;


    Yeah that’s the problem with all of the visitors too!

    It looks like this works fine.

    Thank you!


    You are welcome. :)

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