Broken footer after custom CSS upgrade (2011 theme)

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    After choosing to upgrade my account to use custom CSS I then selected to use my own style sheet copied from the sample 2011 css (against the vague warning not to do so). This resulted in some broken elements that I fixed, like the fill color on the nav bar, but I can’t fix is the footer, which after the switch is very broken.

    The blog is still private, but you can see on the home page that the footer spacing is wrong and the alignment is whacked (the TEST copy was inserted in a text widget to see if it would force the system to clean up the code). On the about page is a differently broken footer but I’m guessing same cause.

    Since markup is off limits how can I fix this, or is a bug that needs support attention? I know I can in theory revert to the default css and all should be well, but I’d rather get this fixed.


    The blog I need help with is



    Revert back – you change ONLY what you want to change – if you copy the whole style sheet things get messed up – WordPress.COM scans the original CSS then it scans yours and last scan rules – why in the world would you ignore warnings not to do something? The warning was put there for a reason.

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