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Broken Gallery Viewer

  1. Motion Theme, Gallery is broken -

    the leave a comment at the bottom is not visible. The Gallery is responsive for height, so if you try and make the browser taller to leave a comment the picture gets taller and keeps the comment box below the bottom of the browser, maybe if the screen is 3 feet high it will work - the leave a comment can never be reached

    CAUTION: NSFW link

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @auxclass, when I go to that page, I am able to use the comment box in both Firefox and Chrome:

    Can you post a screenshot for what you're seeing and the usual browser specifics? Do you get the same results in different browsers?

  3. My bad text - yes on the link I can also use the comment like you posted - it is when I click on a picture and the Gallery / Carousel starts that the comments go away - With IE the "click here for full size" can be used but not the comment section - IE has less stuff at the top than my Firefox - I have some upper tool bars that I use - IE is configured different



  4. Are you unable to scroll down for the comment box (which I need to do, due to the size of the image)? In your screenshot it looks like there's a scrollbar, suggesting there's more content "below the fold".

  5. The scroll bar will not work - I get a circle with a slash in it when I try and use the scroll bar in Firefox

  6. The scroll bar works in IE - sorry not sure of the version, but should be current

  7. This is a strange issue, and I'm unable to reproduce in Firefox in iOS or Windows.

    Have you tried viewing the page without any Firefox extensions? Have you run into this issue with any other site?

  8. Firefox 25.0, Win Vista - the only Extension I had enabled was Firebug 1.12.4 I disabled it and still the same issue - I don't do Galleries much but I did look at one on my site and the same issue -

    However IE & WP does not think I am logged in -

  9. I logged out of FF & same issue with the scroll bar

  10. @auxclass, I've discovered what's going on here. It looks like the scrollbar is not functioning when you try clicking on it with the mouse, rather than using a scroll wheel (which is what I usually use). I've reported the issue to our developers. Thanks for letting us know!

  11. You be welcome & thanks

    I don't have a scroll wheel so I am out of luck for a while

  12. Sorry about that! Hopefully we can get this resolved soon.

  13. @auxclass it looks like the arrow keys may be another workaround for you while we dig into this further.

  14. Thanks for the update

  15. WOAH! Maybe you could remove these links and discuss this NSFW blog which I have reported as mature in email.

  16. Good call @timethief. I was too focused on the issue to do so before. :)

    (also, the site was already marked as mature)

  17. Spoil sports

  18. Oh just admit it, @auxclass, you were just wanting to see who was paying attention. ;)

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