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Broken Images

  1. I logged on to my blog today to find that all my images were broken, even the image for my header. I received comments from readers saying they couldn't see the images, either, and after refreshing my browser a few times, I realized that this isn't just a problem with my browser since other people are also having trouble seeing the images on my blog.

    None of the images on my blog are X-rated. They're all just screenshots from The Sims 3. I'm well under my 3G limit for images and the images do show up when I edit my posts in Visual mode. They just don't show up on the blog.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I rely on my images to help tell the stories I write on my blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. May be temporal as I am having the same problem and my images have just started showing up again.

  3. Mine, too! (, which is a blog)

    Is this a WordPress-wide problem, or is it just affecting a few of us?

  4. (That is, mine are missing. They haven't started showing up yet.)

  5. philiprappaport

    Ditto. They're missing save one.

  6. Hm, maybe WordPress is just having technical difficulties, then. I really do hope it gets resolved soon.

  7. learningfromdogs

    Same problem here - thought it was me.

  8. Getting 502 Bad Gateway errors all over.

  9. Well, seems to be a wordpress problem. We logged in a few minutes ago, and all our images, including the header, are missing. Perhaps, someone from wordpress could address this problem??

  10. Same issue. Things are slow as well. Perhaps they're working on something in the background.

  11. Looking into it. More info. soon...

  12. @ashleigh825 I can't see any broken images at right now. Can you please try clearing browser cache and then if the images are still not working can you reply with an example image URL that is not working for you?

  13. Now my blog won't even load. I would really like a WordPress staff member to notify us of downtime.

    I don't mind occasional downtime to keep the site maintained, but it is a little irksome when our blogs go down without being notified. I'd like to give my readers forewarning of any downtime via my Twitter page, at least.

  14. drat!

  15. @designsimply Yes, at times the images appear to be restored, only to break again a few moments later. It's very sporadic. My blog also loaded just now, but a few moments ago, I was getting error messages.

  16. @ashleigh825-images are now appearing for me as well on your blog.

    @designsimply, everything is very slow loading right now. Am occasionally getting 504 Gateway Timeout errors on my blog and dashboard.

  17. Not just an image/header loading issue any longer. Unable to access anything within wordpress. Unable to gain access to the dashboard.

  18. My site won't load either and I am not able to make a new post.

  19. There is more than one thing going on here. We're working on the load issues now. Then we'll figure out what's going on with the images next.

  20. Okay thank you. I just wanted to know that someone was looking into the issues. :)

  21. This is crazy...all of my images are gone...images that were uploaded to wordpress the past two years. Was WP hacked??

  22. Thanks for looking into this problem.

  23. @lisamichele Not hacked. Network/server issues. Working on it now.

  24. I wouldn't point to a hacker so quickly. The site may just be having a temper tantrum. Websites tend to do that from time to time. ;)

  25. Please keep us updated, after the weird Dashboard insanity that happened a few weeks ago, it's a little frustrating to be fighting with WordPress again to post blogs and get stuff to show up.

  26. Er, seems an old post which I was updating just publicized to my twitter account...

  27. EEK...hope these issues get resolved soon. I do not have copies of most of my photos due to a crash in January.

  28. Awesome..they're back. Thanks for the quick fix :)

  29. Load speed is now blindingly fast for me.

  30. I had an issue of not being able to link my Blog to Facebook. That part is working, minus the Images...

    Anyone else?

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