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Broken Images

  1. Pics in every other post missing -- bad gateway msg. Bad mojo indeed.
    4/30/10 12:00

  2. Things seem to be okay on my end as well. I'm just waiting for the official thumbs up from staff to mark this thread as resolved and to let my readers know everything's back to normal.

  3. I just uploaded a new image to a new blog post, image is not showing up.

  4. UGH...images gone again. Guess it's going to take a while.

  5. Able to access the dashboard again, with much improved speed. Header is still missing, as are a lot of the images.

  6. I couldn't post photos, now my entire post has reverted back to what was there an hour ago. It looks like I lost the entire thing. UGHhhhh!

  7. I couldn't post photos, now my entire post has reverted back to what was there an hour ago. It looks like I lost the entire thing. UGHhhhh!

  8. Spoke too soon. :(

    I see there's now an announcement at the top of the forum pages.

  9. Because our servers are load balanced, you may see some things start to work on and off until everything is fixed.

  10. Okay. Yes, I noticed that the load times were switching from lightning-quick to very sluggish and back. All my images appear to be back and have been for the last little while.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  11. At the top of the forum and all threads we see this:

    We are experiencing some network problems. We are working to fix the issues now. Your data is safe.

  12. @timethief. That message was displayed after this thread was created. WP wasn't aware of the issue until it was brought up by myself and others. ;)

  13. images in articles - gone
    images in mediathek - somewhere over the rainbow or so . . .
    uploading my blog - time goes by and by and by and by . . . . . . .

    oh well thinking that it s for free - - it still s***´s

  14. Actually, I quite like WordPress. It's the best free blog host out there by far. I normally don't have any problems with it. Only the occasional little bump like today, which is actually an excellent record for such a large hosting site with so many blogs to host and maintain.

  15. A few of my images are disappearing again.

  16. everything ´s fine . . . . . thanxs :))

  17. Network issues should be fixed now. Anyone still having trouble with images?

    Do try to clear cache if they're not showing up at first:

  18. Things are A-OK on my end. *thumbs up*

  19. Everything appears to be okay right now. Header and images are back.

  20. seattlefarmersmarketassociation

    When I load images to ballardfarmersmarket, the file name no longer loads into the title field. Instead, it says "Olympus Digital Camera" in every title field. It means I have to go through every uploaded image and re-enter the name in the title field. This is a royal pain in the butt when I am uploading many images at once.

    I first noticed this problem a week ago. I also noticed some other subtle changes to the way things look within the administration areas of my blogs. I am guessing a software update happened that is causing this problem. Is this problem with images being worked on? Anyone else experiencing this? If this was supposed to be an upgrade, it was the opposite. Please advise. Thanks.

  21. @zebmeister
    The blog linked to your user name is being hosted by Go-daddy. The blog you point to is likewise parked with Go-Daddy. This forum provides support only for those who have a free blog being free hosted by All of those with blogs hosted by any web host other than wordpress.COM must receive support from this forum > http://wordpress.ORG/support/ Sorry but we cannot help you here as we run on different software.

    The differences between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG >

  22. seattlefarmersmarketassociation

    Um, Kinda thought that would be obvious, since I was posting to this forum.

    So, anyone having a new problem with uploading images, where the image's file name is no longer being added to the "title" field in the image data? Until three weeks ago, I never had this problem.

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