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Broken Images

  1. Amazon's S3 Service is down which is causing some image serving problems on We are currently investigating. I will update this post as I have more information.

  2. davesteinsblog

    Thanks! I sincerely appreciate the update.

  3. mauriziostorani

    I'm so frustrate

    Thank's man

  4. thanks for the update. hope it starts working soon!

  5. images working here!

  6. Thanks for the update....suspected just as much.

  7. Just an update -- S3 is still down. I have gone ahead and disabled the fetching of uncached images from S3 because it was causing problems with general image serving. For now, any images which we have cached locally will be served, those which we do not have, will not work. Overall success rate should be 70-80%. Will post here with more updates as they are available.

  8. thanks, luck on that

  9. My banner image disappeared. I take it this is the problem and appreciate the info. Thanks.

  10. Yeah, I'm having the same issue. Hopefully, all is restored ASAP.

  11. About half my images are working again. It is really frustrating though.

  12. Yeah, my header image suddenly went AWOL. Good to at least know why.

  13. Oh good ... I thought I was losing my mind

  14. Thanks for the info. You guys are amazing, so I can live without my header for a while.

    Cheers to a great website!

  15. routingbyrumor

    This is an interesting stuff.

    Until this problem was being discussed, I had never heard of "Amazon Web Services", ( see ) but apparently it's used by lots of websites.

    WordPress stores stuff out in the "cloud", rather than at their data center(s). I'm guessing that the increase in free image storage (to 3GB) that WordPress made available to their members about six months ago was a result of moving stuff to Amazon's S3 (Simple Storage Service), which advertises "unlimited" storage. (However, they charge you based on how much you store, and how much it's accessed.)

    But I guess, as Tom Snyder used to say, "sometimes the magic works, and sometimes...".

  16. Glad to learn I'm not losing my mind!

  17. Thanks for the update! I'll assume images will be back to normal eventually.

  18. I am presuming that this is including all images, vodpod, gravatars and some sites with CSS upgrades. I am having random trouble viewing various images across Wp,cim right now.

  19. Danke Shoen,

    I thought I was going crazy for a minute

  20. christopherjohnston

    Thanks for the info. I was setting up a new blog and I thought I was screwing something up.

  21. Thanks for the info. No images showing here - i will try to stop panicking!

  22. momentsindigital

    Thanks for the update. I thought it was something I had done.

  23. pornstarbabylon

    My blog too I just noticed.

  24. How much longer until you figure it will be back up?

  25. Good to know, but this sucks!

  26. No ETA yet. Once I have one, I will post it here.

  27. Amazon says they are still in the process of restoring functionality. In the mean time, we have come up with a solution that will allow certain images which were not working previously to work correctly now. This does not mean all images will function. We are focusing on making newly uploaded and "popular" images work correctly.

  28. dangerousbanana

    I nearly had a heart attack. All my pictures disappeared for no reason! Fingers crossed that this will be fixed sooner rather than later.

  29. Incredible fast repply, congrats...

  30. Just a quick update: Amazon is reporting progress restoring their S3 service. The most recent update from Amazon was a few minutes ago and indicated they "are continuing to make progress" in restoration. No ETA yet.

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