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    i’m havig trouble uploading images. i select the image and upload it but no image appears in the post. i don’t think it’s actually uploading, there is no thumbnail apearing in the image upload window. the images aren’t large and are the correct format. any ideas?



    The same has just happened to me…

    I have 13 posts with perfect links to photos, but my latest post just shows a little blue box with a question mark.

    When I go to Manage–Media Library, all the previous photos are there, but the most recent upload is showing the little blue question mark box, also…

    What gives?

    I don’t think I did anything different with this photo during upload…



    I am using the new Monotone theme and my site is at:

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might know what is going on…


    There’s been a recent discussion of image challenges in some threads.

    For example:



    And remember, you can ONLY put one photo per post in Monotone.



    Can you please provide a link to a post that demonstrates the problem.



    I’d provide a link, except I finally got frustrated and deleted the post.

    After searching through advice in other forum posts, I did the following…

    (I am using a Mac and the Safari browser, btw. Also, I use the simple text editor for all my posts, but am using the flash uploader. I am definitely only adding one photo per post.):

    1) I wrote the title of the post.
    2) Before typing any text, I clicked on the add image icon.
    3) I browsed photos on my computer and double clicked on one.
    4) The photo uploaded, and I copied the url from the info box.
    5) Instead of clicking “insert into post” (which used to work), I clicked on “save changes”.
    6) I added the image to the post using the IMG button on the simple text editor, pasting in the url I had copied when uploading the image.
    7) I saved the post. Checked the preview. All was good.
    8) I added a little text under the photo and saved again.

    So far, the image is now appearing in the post:

    I will say that I am slightly nervous, though, as previously the image was visible in the post at first, but then never again.

    At any rate, thanks for the intent to help… much appreciated!

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