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Broken Page - eez broke, yes?

  1. I don't know enough about css and html yet to suss out why my page is wonky.

    I use their provided template "Chaotic Soul'and the image at the bottom of this last post gets chopped up by a reply when I either click for the comments or access the page through the archive. Here is the url if anybody could take a look -

    The "Previous Entries" button also appears to right of the image in question for no particular or desired reason.


  2. I see what you mean (I'm using IE7). You mentioned CSS - do you have the upgrade and if so, what did you change? It sounds as if you've done nothing, but can we be sure?

  3. I use firefox 2.0 and No, I don't have the upgrade yet. Haven't changed anything from the template.

    (I have had problems with the template before with 'ul' and 'ol' spacing jumping all around before. The problem persists with the main page showing lists in single spaced (pretty crappy look - scrambled looking) and it goes away accessing through the archive or "recent posts." Maybe not the same issue but thought I would mention it.)

  4. the theme style is b0rked. at the very least it misses something like .clearfix { clear:both } somewhere.

    I've got a feeling it's not finished yet.

  5. Thanks, options. That helps a little.
    I don't know anything about the code you mention but I think I get the meaning of the word "b0rked" (I like it - I'm gonna try to use it in a sentence this week. )

    If this is the case, and it looks like it totally is, at least i'll know that it wasn't some screw up on my part.

    Does anybody know "Support's" super secret weekend home phone number so I can be a total dill weed and ruin someone's brunch? : b

  6. Staff monitor these threads 24/7. They alone decide they alone decide which priority order will be given to the outstanding issues. Please be patient while waiting for them to get to your blog.

  7. Good to know, but I wasn't serious about "being a dillweed."
    I don't really need or demand instantaneous hand holding for my dorky little smartass page.

    All in good time.

  8. I didn't take your self disparaging remarks seriously.
    I assumed you had a humor blog. ;-D)))

  9. while believing that staff have nothing more interesting to do than "monitor these threads 24/7" is a fresh and thrilling idea, surely they do not.

    the last person, who was tinkering with this theme seemed to be Alex Shiels, but he'll be busy on WordCamp tomorrow, therefore it's gonna be Matt Thomas who may fix an Automattic production.

    you'll find their contacts on this page:

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