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  1. Today I discovered my blog post on another site I was contemplating making this domain my own until this, but now I'm uncertain. This has happened to other bloggers, all with bad results and I don't know what to do? I emailed the administrator like the others but have not heard back yet. Is my blog viral?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That site is NOT being free hosted by WordPress.COM. It is hosted by You can to lodge a DMCA takedown notice with the host by following this guide at step (3)

  3. And if you're feeling really nasty, report them to the advertisers on their site as well. Adsense will pull their account altogether.

  4. Right on!

  5. Thank you timethief, I have contacted the site using their email (not sure if I'm comfortable giving them that information) but I'm nae giving them my name and address they can keep the personal information they already have. It's a fairly new blog so it won't get a lot of hits from me. :)

  6. You're welcome. Depending on the response received I think raincoaster's suggestion above is excellent.

    I have done exactly that to those who have stolen my content and posted it on splogs covered with Adsense ads.

    I have also published posts deriding content thieves including without links to their scraper sites. Instead I included all personal information I could get connected to the scraper sites and every social networking site they were members of by searching the internet. Since I did that and refused to delete my posts exposing them as content theirs when they cried for mercy my problem disappeared.

  7. edit: "content theirs" was meant to be "content thieves"

  8. Not sure how to accomplish that raincoaster, advice from other bloggers is to avoid all links on their site and do an antivirus scan. Hence the reason for delay in response. Apologies, in addition to my technological ineptitude the computer is running slow.

  9. As you have already emailed simply wait and see what happens. If you need to escalate then move to step (4)

  10. Instructions are here, I think they're down in the comments:

  11. Cheers raincoaster, I'll have a look. I'm commenting on all the blogs they have listed with mine to let them know they are there.

  12. Recieved confirmation email of deletion from brokencontrollers today.

  13. Good! Best wishes for trouble-free blogging. Also not that you can use this to see if anyone is helping themselves to your content

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