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    HI there im running a free psp demo site, I want a section where guest can browse by letter so every demo with letter A for the title will be brought up when someone clicks the letter A under the browse by Letter Section. Is this possible to do? Thanks



    The only thing I can think of is to create a catagory Browse by Demo and then sub-catagories under that with the letters of the alphabet.



    I agree. Categories are probably your best bet, because each category has its own “page” or archive.

    I sure hope you have the legal right to distribute those demos. :)



    Yeah, legal right IS obligatory.



    How do i make sub-catergories? and how would i arrange for the certain alphabetical games into them?



    Go to Manage>Categories

    Make a new category called Browse by Demo This will be your main category

    Then make another one called A

    When you make this one called A look at the box below which says Category Parent. In there is a list. Choose Browse by Demo as the Catagory Parent

    Then all the posts you have which have these demos that start with A add the category A by editing the post. At the bottom of the edit page you can choose the categories you want.

    Do this for the rest of the alphabet

    All of these categories with sub-categories will then show up in the sidebar if you have put the categories widget there. You do that in the Design part



    Thanks Buddy!
    Also About It Being Legal yes it is! Im only linking to the downloads not actually hosting them!



    Ok So I have now done this but theres a problem, I Allready am using my catergories for The games Theme Like Sports, Adventure etc… so Is there a way I can split up catergories in my widget section? So Like have Catergoreis Then Sports Driving etc..
    The Browse by Letter ABCD etc…




    You will probably have to put them all in the same list. But with different main categories.
    This just means bumping them down.

    Create a new category called Main Categories (really this name is your choice, this is just an example)

    Change the category parent of Demo Categories to Main Categories

    Change the category parent of Browse by Letter also to Main Categories

    Save all your changes at each step

    Make sure in the category widget you have selected Show Hierarchy then all of these things should group together under Browse by Letter and Demo Catagories.

    It will go in alphabetical order by the categories at each level



    Ok I guess Ill just have to chose alphabetical of themes!!
    No Problem Thanks!


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    Could you make an index page where you have an alphabet on top where each letter links to a list of demos lower on the page. Each demo name would then be linked to the post.

    It would be easier to read than having to scroll down the whole alphabet in the sidebar.

    I did this for my cooking blog. All the categories are kinds of food. The index page shows a list of cooking methods at the top. Each method links down the page to a list of posts related to it. The list of posts are miniature pictures of the recipe that link to the post. More visual, and a reader might be attracted to other posts because many can be seen at once.

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