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Browser Barfing

  1. Is anyone else having trouble recently when using the Visual Editor and inserting lots of links and then having Firefox 2.x barf on you?

    It's annoying. You lose all your open tabs as Firefox just... closes and goes away. The lesson is to save often -- not even Auto-Save can save you.

  2. how many is "lots"? I haven't experienced this, but then i don't tend to pack my posts with links.

  3. Hi judyb12 --

    I usually write a post and then go back and add links when I'm done. Around the insertion of link 4 or 5 things start to go wonky and begin to take a long time to stick and I have learned that is a sign to pause, force a Save, and then go onward. Sometimes you have to click a button to get the insert link to load, other times just hitting ENTER is enough. It's unpredictable.

  4. eeek! Have you tried adding them with the HTML editor?

  5. I had to go into the HTML editor to fix several links that refused to get linked. The Visual interface doesn't like a list of HTML links without spaces or paragraph breaks around them, it seems. I single-spaced several links, blockquoted them all together, and then had no end to my troubles!

  6. WordPress works like a dream in Mozilla's SeaMonkey browser. Actually, I have Netscape 7.2, Firefox, Flock, Opera, IE for Mac, and Camino. I find that SeaMonkey for WordPress, and just plain overall, is the best of the lot. Why don't you just take a look at it.

  7. Why do you think SeaMonkey is so much better behaved than Firefox, disembedded?

  8. I've been getting a similar kind of error forever on IE6. When you put in the link the whole window goes blank for a second, then pops up again. It hasn't changed lately, though.

  9. Yes, that's pretty much what happens, rain. It's a very strange error. Everything freezes for a second and then sometimes comes back. Or not.

  10. Try just hitting Refresh if it hangs up; that usually releases it. But of course always Select all, Copy all first.

  11. Flock works nicely for me.

    I find that Firefox with a lot of extensions gives me trouble in the rich editor. Sometimes it hangs, and it happens with both the Linux and the Windows builds.

    And yes, save your work often, as you write. I have lost entire posts in the past --even ones with lots of research that took a lot of time to write.

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