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Browser 'can't find the server' half the time

  1. I have a hosted blog ( which used to be a blog (i.e. hosted elsewhere). I have transferred over to .com and pointed my URL ( to the wordpress name servers.

    Everything sort of works fine. No major worries, love the functionality, etc etc. Except that my URL is not available half the time! Every time I go to my dashboard and tweak something, or write a new post, amend a post or similar, when I then go to visit the site I am told by my browser that it can't find the server … what is going on!

    I pay the bundle upgrade price, I paid another $12 for my domain to be transferred … I just want it to work without dropping out the whole time … please, please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is happening more than half the time now with no apparent reason why … it works, then it doesn't. I'm slightly infuriated that I pay for this service but more than that I am worried that I'm missing emails in the ether too...

  3. How long ago did you do this? IT's perfectly normal if the change has been made in the last day or two. It settles down later.

  4. It was registered in the past day or so ... can I hold out hope it will stop? That's reassuring — thanks for replying.

  5. it WILL stop, probably very soon if it hasn't already.

  6. I'm holding on to this confidence for assurance … :) Thanks v much. SA

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