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Browser comparison sites?

  1. I know it's been discussed in the forums before, but I can’t find the right keywords to search for it. I also don't know if any new sites have been found since those older threads, but I'd like to know what you believe to be the best site to check your blog on different browsers to check compatibility. Thanks.

  2. Hmm... how long have I not have had a search widget on my site? Oops. :)

  3. Thanks alot Dr.Mike. I knew I had seen something before, but could not find it anywhere. Didn't think to check your site, but I will remember it next that you have a search box too :)

    I also added the same widget on a blog of mine this past week after banging my head on the wall trying to find something the hard way.

  4. Not a problem. You may want to search here in the forums for 'browsershots' as well. We've discussed a couple different sites in the past.

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