Browser compatibility with pw protected entries

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    I’ve tried searching the forums and google to no avail…

    I have public and password protected entries on my blog. The public entries can be viewed with any browser without a problem. The entries that I have pw protected are not able to be accessed by readers using AOL and older versions of IE. Any recommendations on what I can do or is this a common wordpress issue?

    The blog I need help with is


    Older browsers and the AOL browser are a problem, and the web is turning its collective back on them.

    The AOL browser is about as far away from compliance with web standards as you can get and still call yourself a web browser, and it has severe problems everywhere on the web – at least based on the experience of several friends who are still using it. My suggestion is for people on AOL to log in using the AOL system and then do their browsing in IE7+ or Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

    IE5 (I cannot believe anyone would still be trying to use it) is totally obsolete, and most likely within a year or so it is going to turn to stone and be of no use on the web at all.

    IE6 is also being left behind by the web and people really need to upgrade if for no other reason than the massive amount of security issues. IE6 is now 9 years old and in web terms that is several millennia. As far as I know though, IE6 is still working (mostly) with blogs hosted here at wordpress.COM. Microsoft is no longer supporting or doing security updates for IE6 and using it for web browsing is a gigantic risk to the user.

    Not knowing what you are talking about when you say “older browsers” I can only reply generally.

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