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browser happy - switch today

  1. A linked advertisement "browser happy - switch today" has appeared at the very bottom of my admin pages. Obviously I did not put it there. I have firefox2 (an excellent browser) and IE7 (which is IMO inferior to the fox). I have no intention of switching. If I were to get another browser it would probably be Opera 9.

    Is this part of the wordpress monetization plan or is it another "test"?
    If it is part of the wordpress monetization plan then how much more of this unwanted advertising can we expect to see on our blogs?

  2. Hasn't that been there all along? I've seen it a billion times using IE: now I don't see it in Firefox, but if I check on IE I see it. It's "Browse Happy", not "Browser", if that makes a difference.

  3. yes, it's been there since forever.

  4. Really? I stand corrected then and I'm amazed I never saw it before.

  5. well, hardly anybody scrolls to the end of the page and you've always been lamenting about your eyesight. :P

  6. It's there on regular WordPress as well. I think it's one of Matt's side projects but I don't know for positive.

  7. If I hadn't got my new computer (yesterday - I'm over the moon) and had to adjust the font size I never would have noticed it. :0 Yikes, advertising!
    Gosh who knows what I'll be able to see when I get glasses. *lol*

  8. Just give me my Netscape 7.2 and I'll be happy. :)

    *chuckle* Better not be an affliate link in there.

  9. @Mark
    COOL! It's advertising an educational site about browsers. *lol* I was loathe to click on it before.

    I hope you're not ribbing me about having a hard time figuring out which links and which sidebar tat images are "affiliate" links. I'm learning as fast as I can. :(

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