browser keeps shutting down – only with wordpress site

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    Windows XP Pro
    Security level – medium

    Hi, hope you can help me with this new issue.
    I can only see my blog if I log in and then go to the site. If I try to view the blog without logging on, the site starts to load but a ‘Security Information’ window interrupts stating “This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. OK?” I click ok and another window pops up, ‘Internet Explorer’ which states that IE has encountered a problem and needs to close. I click ok and the browser closes.

    Error signature: ‘ iexplore.exe 6.0.2900 …’

    I have dumped cache and cookies, closed/opened browser, re-booted, stopped all the iexplore.exe processes from running, rebooted, nothing seems to work.


    The blog I need help with is



    IE6 is notoriously bad with WP and I would suggest you upgrade or use another browser if you possibly can. Firefox is pretty good, and doesn’t take much room on your hard drive.


    First off, I need to suggest that you upgrade to at least IE7 or IE8, and Firefox 3.5 would be even better.

    IE6 is over 9 years old (that is 3 millennia in internet years) and has virtually been left behind by the internet, and is very insecure. Even MS is no longer supporting it and suggests upgrading. There are things on wordpress that will simply not work with IE6, and a bunch of other things that will at the very least be problematic.


    Shoulda refreshed.



    thanks, I update my browser, though I cannot help but wonder
    why it was working fine until today …





    From your description, and the looks of the error signature, I would say that the IE program file itself had somehow become corrupted.



    ok, that was too easy.

    d/l and installed (with all my settings,etc !!!) Firefox 3.5 before I could blink twice!
    problem fixed

    I should have listened to dd long ago to make the switch to Firefox

    thanks again!


    You’re welcome.

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