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browser problems - could wordpress be responsible?

  1. I know this sounds weird. Really weird. But I've been scratching around for help, and someone suggested that wordpress could be screwing up my browsers.

    OK. I said it was weird.

    We have 3 Macs sharing an internet connection. Suddenly one of them can't get to a couple of websites, while the other two can. Via that one machine we've got a hosted blog. Try to get the the bbc news site or another news site - we get directed to a domain parking site. In Firefox and Safari. Only on the one machine.

    I said it was weird, but worth a try, I'm stumped! Something about my lookupID being messed up?????

  2. i don't see how wordpress can mess up your browser. that doesn't make sense...

  3. Yeah, you're probably right, but you know how it is when you get a really strange problem, lots of 'experts' suggest lots of things and you (I) feel obliged to follow them up. Thanks for looking anyway.

  4. On all the machines, clear the browser cache and cookies and also if you have software to scan for spyware and such run it. Not saying there is anything on there, but I would check anyway. Also, if you have a virsus program on them, run it just in case. I've never had a virus on my Mac's, but I my spyware/adware scanner has picked up some suspicious tracking cookies from time to time.

  5. Thanks, all suggestions welcome. These are work machines and work is manic right now (what credit crunch? ;) ) but I'll get to it and try anything and everything suggested.

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