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    A complaint.

    Of late, WordPress has begun rescaling the text entry box at it’s pleasure depending on where the god damn mouse is at.

    This redrawing and redoing the layout of the page is the major reason I quit going to Eruptions. I’m on a relatively spiffy machine… quad core with over 4 gigs of ram, and a cable internet connection. Eruptions takes an easy 10 to 20 seconds to load due to all the #$@ d#$@#$ Java whiz bang shit that they stick on there.

    I used to like wordpress. It was clean effective code that didn’t try to move stuff around the page while you are working on a post, or hiding 80% of what you typed just because you looked at a different tabe for reference. Forcing you to rummage around and locat the friken post you are working on and then trying to rescale the page so you can find where the @#$ you left off.

    Warning to WordPress… keep this up and I’m out of here. There are several blogs that I visit several times a day… because I am interested in those blogs. Not your spiffy code writers BULLSHIT gizmos.



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    BTW… take your automated bot code and shove it.

    Eruptions is no longer on WordPress, and have gone to an even more garbage code riddled host than WordPress…

    But wordpress it doing it’s damndest to catch up in the “driving off the user” category.



    Please forgive me if my guess is wrong but I believe you may be referring to this change >
    If so see here:

    Thanks for the feedback, folks! The Dashboard is going to remain responsive based on the size of the browser window, but the minimum width has been dropped to 850px, which is basically the point at which the editor breaks the layout in 2-column view anyway.

    So, as long as your browser window is at least 850px wide, you’ll still see both columns. If you decrease the width below 850px, the layout will switch to single column to better accommodate the editor.


    No, that was not it.
    It is that the 2010 is now showing a comment entry field that is varying in size, and that is diminishing on random so that it has become much harder to actually write comments.
    Something that has started to annoy a lot of my commentators. On a blog running average 300 comments a day it is a nuisance.


    Why the fiddling and adding all the time? It is only turning a lean and effective thing into bloatware.



    Have you tried disabling “threaded comments” AKA “nested comments” on this page > Settings > Discussion

    Other Comment Settings
    4. Enable threaded (nested) comments __ levels deep- Turn on this option to allow visitors to reply to other comments inline/nested. When turned on it can allow for better discussions and responses. We suggest using a maximum of 3 levels deep. Anything higher and the theme layouts may not work as expected.
    Note: Enabling the setting only applies to new comments since existing comments don’t have any threading date. However, disabling this setting applies to all comments.



    Is it possible that what you are referring to is this? > The New Auto-collapsing Text Box For Comments

    If so then though I rarely use obscene language but I did that yesterday when I experienced the annoying shrinking comment boxes that almost sent me right around the bend.

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