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bucket list

  1. Ok, if you had only a few months to live (like in the movie I guess...) what would you want to do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'd want to do things like skydiving, bunjee jumping. I'd want to learn to snowboard. I'd want to find my old friends and for just one more day hang out and do nothing paticular to just catch up with each other. Find that one boy that got away and for once actually tell him how i really feel about him.

  3. i would want to visit at least one world wonder :D

  4. That would be really awesome! Which one would you want to most of all?

  5. Well I'd like to see all 7 but if I had to choose I would go with the Colloseum or the Taj Mahal. They are my favorite :D

  6. Right on! It would be amazing to see all 7.

  7. I would paint like hell and write as much as possible, and if this takes me traveling everywhere and meeting fun people, perfect.
    Then I'd give everything away. I guess everyone wants to leave behind their mark.

  8. Spend as much time with my family as possible. I've been on the other end before, watching my brother and my father die. It was time well spent.

    Finally find out what exactly is happening on Lost.

    Seeing the Minnesota Vikings win a super bowl. (I may live forever waiting for that to happen)

  9. i would spend my days backpacking through europe.

  10. I love the painting and writing like hell idea! And the backpacking through Europe! Great ideas!
    @xtap59 That is a very good idea to spend time with family...

  11. I would spend the rest of my time in Jamaica, own a shack and have a tshirt stand. But that's what I am working toward now so I guess I'm already attemptiing my Bucket List.
    @Xtap hey your Vikings may make it before the Eagles which I am holding out death until they win. I'm going to be very old and pruny before that happens. ;) And what exactly is happening on Lost, I am so Lost when it comes to that show.

  12. Bats0711, If you really want to know what is happening on lost, here is the ultimate link for all the updates dating back to the pilot episode in 2004.

  13. I have a different kind of bucket list, which is just things I want to do before I die and doesn't include the time limit. However, if I added the time limit the things highest on the list would be to organize a major event in my dance community, try busking, be a vagrant and see how far I can travel without spending any money. Oh and go skydiving.

  14. I would love to hike across Europe, staying at cheap places and buying cheap food. I wouldnt be able to understand what they are saying to me, or what I am eating, but if its european, it will proably be good.

  15. Well you can post with or without the time limit. It doesn't matter. I rather like the list of things to do before you die. Do it if you like! :)

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