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  1. I know the volunteers have barely caught their breath and there's a new theme already. No pressure to answer this right away, but once you start playing with the theme, this is my question.

    Is there anyone to remove the dots and have a solid white background without uploading a custom background image? (and without CSS upgrade)

    Under appearance, on the background options, when I put in the hex value for white under display options and save changes, nothing happens to the background. It's still whatever color scheme that was set under the Theme Options section. Does this color option in the display options section under background options work only if you have uploaded a custom image?

    I'm torn now between Bueno and Inuit Types and I'm still playing with Bueno to see all its ins and outs.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    I'm busy torture testing it also and have been since early morning. Using the hex value number for white as a background color didn't work for me either. But uploading a white square and tiling it and clicking save changes did work. So it's time to report this to Staff will you do that please?

  3. Sure!

  4. Oh, where might I find a solid white tile? So far, I've only been able to find ones that have a texture? Thanks.

    Issue reported to staff.

  5. I used Paint and made one. :)

  6. Re: Bueno
    1. I can confirm that the color selector wheel is not working

    2. I can confirm that we can upload any solid colored square and choose to tile it that this workaround will result in a solid color background of your choice until Staff fix the color wheel selector.

    3. I can confirm that we you can upload a background image and it will display.

    4. I can confirm that uploading a header of the exact size specifications 930 x 198 pixels does work.

    5. I can confirm that all the Theme Options do work.

    6. I can confirm that the featured image option does work.

    7. The Bueno Featured Posts widget is not functioning.

    I configured it and all that happened is a title (unlinked) to the post I entered data for into the widget displays in the sidebar and that's it. It doesn't matter if I set it to "The Content" or "The Excerpt" there are no changes that I can see.

  7. 8. The dropdown for child pages does work and will allso nest grandchild pages.

  8. Thank you Time Thief for giving us all these details. It helps so much.

    I had the Bueno Feature Posts widget showing the last five entries without thumbnails (unless you set the featured image too.) But it does seem a little wacky so I'm not sure it's working completely. I have yet to figure out what the drop down option for 'media tag' means in the Feature Posts widget means.

    Featured image and featured posts is not the same thing, in case anyone is confused about that. :-)

  9. Re 7 above, Featured Posts widget is working. Selecting "Excerpt" will display post excerpts if you've added excerpts in the Excerpt box of the post editor.

    Media tag means tag: selecting one -> displaying latest posts tagged with that tag.

  10. The bg color doesn't work because the stupid dots are a bg image, and the bg image is set to display in front of the bg color. Unfortunately, adding another bg image then removing it doesn't leave you with no bg image at all (as it does in Dark Wood): the dots come back automatically. So the way to make the bg color work is to upload a very small image (no more than 50px high) and set Repeat to no repeat: the image will be hidden behind the top black strip, leaving the rest of the bg free.

  11. I'm having different problems with the lovely Bueno theme. I've not changed the css, just played around with the theme options. Now the links are missing their rollovers and the coloured dots behind the date have disappeared. Whatever boxes I tick, they aren't coming back...

  12. I have this theme and the only problem I've had with it is that in numerical lists my 1,2,3's have turned into A,B,C's. When I change the ABC's to bullets and then try to change them back to 123's they once again turn into the alphabet. I emailed support on this one.

  13. panaghiotisadam, timethief, and sandrapawula, selecting a custom color without a custom background image should be working now in the Bueno theme. Good catch.

  14. I have the problem, that I cant change the color of the theme. I once changed it and the dotted background and the dotted dates are removed so it's always black & white and unformated.

  15. twuks, your styles should be back to normal now. I like the custom background you've chosen!

    ifantasyrace, thanks for pointing that out! Your ordered lists should be back to what you were expecting now.

  16. @themeshaper, Thanks for fixing that. All is good now.

  17. diekopfhoerer, I've made an update to Bueno. Try re-saving your desired options at Appearance->Theme Options when you have Bueno activated.

  18. @themeshaper
    Thanks for the intervention. :)

  19. wordsdivinelywrought

    I'm playing around with the Custom Background option, but how do I get back to the Default Dots? I've not activated the theme on my main blog yet; using a private test blog (thanks to timethief's sage guidance). Do you need to know that URL?

  20. You must remove the background that you uploaded into the theme first, and then the theme will go back to displaying the dotted background.

  21. @themeshaper: it's working now. thanks a lot.

  22. wordsdivinelywrought

    @timethief: got it. you make me want to be a better blogger.

  23. @niwotcentral
    LOL ... good because that's my aim :D
    The choices we make for backgrounds override what the theme provides so when we find it doesn't revert to "normal" for the theme all we need to do is remove whatever we uploaded into the theme and it will revert. :)

  24. I think I can like Bueno...but...
    I am not seeing the header text color selector at all

  25. @barbarayoung
    That's correct. That option does not exist on the Bueno theme as the Blog Title and the Tagline are displayed in the title field above the image header.

  26. @panos
    re:7 in my list
    I have discovered that the Bueno Featured Posts widget shows your five most recent posts in the tag of your choice.

  27. The background color selector is working now! I have solid white! Yeah! Thanks Theme Shaper!

    The featured posts are working I use the widget, don't check the media tag option, and check excerpt without needing to place an excerpt in the excerpt box, at least so far...but I came over from Inuit I don't know if that would make a difference. I will have to try it out with a new post later today. It shows the last 5 posts. It also will work if I check for the full post. And it will include an image if I use the featured image option too. But I don't like the way the text doesn't wrap around the image, and I also don't want to be stuck with all these featured images if I move to another theme.

    The featured posts don't see to work at all if I use any of the categories under 'media tag'. And I really don't get why they chose 'tag' instead of 'category' for this list since tags tend to be more specific and categories more general. I guess you could just make featured post a tag once this option works.

    The other small glitch I noticed in the Top Post widgets is that when the titles goes to two lines the bullet point displays between the two lines instead of at the beginning of the first line. I will try to report these two llater today, but need to go to an appointment right now.

    Thanks everyone!

  28. I still can't get the featured posts widget to work.

  29. But this is a really, really cool looking theme.

  30. The Bueno Featured Posts widget shows your five most recent posts in the tag of your choice. Are the posts you want to feature "taggged"?

    The Bueno Featured Posts widget shows "excerpts" if that's the option you choose. Did you edit the five posts you want featured and place excerpts into the excerpt box below the post editor and save the changes?


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