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Bueno “Home” tab not in line with other tabs

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    In the Navigation Bar below the blog title, the tab for “Home” is lower than the test of the other tabs, which are all in a straight line. It seems that no matter where I am within the blog, whether on the Home Page or not, the “Home” tab always behaves that same way — askew, lower than the other tabs:

    <h2><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-21390" title="PESKY EMOTIONAL REPUBLICAN" src="" alt="" width="490" height="105" />

    I looked up other Bueno blogs and saw that their ”Home“ tab did not do what mine is doing. How can I fix it?

    By the way, in the Options, where it provides a place to have a ”Home” tab in the Nav Bar, I experimented with checking the box and not checking the box. Both ways yield the same irregular “Home” tab.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't you have the CSS upgrade? I'd wager something's gone wrong with the code, so go to the CSS window, delete everything in it and hit "Add to existing CSS". That will wipe out any changes you made.

  3. Read this post and my reply to you in the comments:

    That's a Home tab you had created (using the wrong trick) when you were using Inuit Types. Wrong trick doesn't work in Bueno, and you don't need the right trick either: trash that Home page, then go to Appearance > Theme Options and simply tick the option "Show a link to your home page in the nav menu".

  4. Panaghiotisadam --

    I checked my Pages and there was no Page made for HOME. Now that you reminded me, I do remember that you explained how to make a Home tab for Inuit Types, but I must have deleted it later, because no such tab/page exists now.

    Just to check, I did go back to the Theme Options and clicked to show a link to my home page in the nav menu. This is what it looks like:

    <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-21392" title="PESKY EMOTIONAL REPUBLICAN-1" src="" alt="" width="490" height="177" />

    So the mystery is: If there is no “trick” tab in my Pages for a Home tab, then why does that extra one exist? And why does it not go away? I did try emptying the cache; I do that naturally when there are problems like this.


  5. To Raincoaster ~~~ I do not have a CSS upgrade. I do not know much about HTML except for what I pick up here and there from you guys. (like brbr )

    If something is wrong with the code then ....... <gulp>................... 8-(


  6. If you've trashed that page, then you're using a custom menu instead of the standard menu of the theme. You need to go to Appearance > Menus and remove the page from the menu as well.

  7. Panos, I forgot about that custom menu!

    Ok, so I just now went there and i see that i created the special Home tab as per your instructions several weeks ago.

    Here is a screen shot showing that I have a Home tab/page under the Pages.

    <img src="" alt="" title="Menus ‹ PESKY EMOTIONAL REPUBLICAN — WordPress" width="490" height="538" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-21397" />

    If the only way to get rid of that “Home” page/tab is to delete it from the Pages links, and if there is no Home link in my Pages (I sent the screen shot earlier), then how do I get rid of it?


  8. I just now clicked “Delete Menu” wondering whether the whole menu would disappear or just the Home tab/page. Well, just the Home tab/page disappeared, not the entire menu.

    So now I will just re-do the menu as it was, but without the Home tab/page.

    But truly, I thought that hitting “Delete Menu” would delete all of those pages, not just the one page. Who would have thought?


  9. I failed. I re-did the custom menu, thinking that this would solve the problem. Here is how that custom menu looked in the Dashboard:

    <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-21421" title="Menus ‹ PESKY EMOTIONAL REPUBLICAN — WordPress-1" src="" alt="" width="490" height="437" />

    And here is the HomePage --- which does not reflect sub-menues nestled under the main menu. I wanted the nestling to happen because the font is so large and takes up so much space. (Although I like the look of it.)

    <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-21424" title="PESKY EMOTIONAL REPUBLICAN-2" src="" alt="" width="490" height="203" />


    Feeling like a failure............

  10. Oh no 8-( ....

    Could it be that the Bueno theme does not have nestled/drop-down menues? So no matter how I configured the custom menu on my Dashboard, I still will not get a nestled, drop-down, space-saving menu?

    If so then maybe I have to switch themes........


  11. Yay! I fiddled with toggling to the correct menu name and voila..... the right tabs came out! Here it is:

    But now the issue of the malfunctioning colors still exists.........

  12. a) Sorry, you hadn't created that tab "per my instructions" - my instructions for a Home tab are different.

    b) In my previous reply I said "remove the page from the menu", not delete the whole menu.
    Notice the downward-pointing arrows here:
    To remove an item from a custom menu, you click its arrow, click Remove, click Save Menu.

    c) When you deleted the custom menu, the theme reverted to its standard menu, that's why "just the Home tab/page disappeared, not the entire menu".

    d) If you use the standard menu, you get dropdowns by turning pages into child pages (page editor > Attributes module > Parent). If you use a custom menu, you get dropdowns by dragging an item below another then to the right.

    e) What malfunctioning colors?

  13. Panos, I was ignorant about those menu classifications.
    Oh, the issue with the color got solved. I lost the ability to get the dots on Bueno and someone told me to delete the hex numbers that I had for the background color, and then save that deletion. So now I know what to do if I want to get those dots back.

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