Bueno bug? Images have extra space below

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    I’ve used a few different themes, but one of the odd things I noticed when I switched to Bueno, months ago, was that all of the images in the pages and blog entries were “pushed up”. Extra space was placed under the images, even if they were “inline” with text. This didn’t occur on any of the other themes I tried. I’ve tried ignoring it for a while, but it’s really irritating.

    Here’s a basic example:
    Just after the dot-point list on the following page, I give a contact email address, but to lessen spam, the address is in an image.

    Using other themes, the inline image was at the same height as the adjacent text, now it’s floating away.

    Also if you want to describe a series of photographs (but can’t use captions) by having a sequence of

    then the extra gap added under each of the images makes it look like the description goes with the subsequent photo.
    NB, this doesn’t appear in the editor, only when you preview or view a page.

    Has anyone else gotten this problem? I was surprised not to find it in the forums.

    The blog I need help with is cafegames.wordpress.com.


    It’s not a bug, it’s just that some themes specify margins for images while other themes don’t. You need to modify the image code in the HTML editor. In the case of the email image, change this:
    to this:



    Aha, thanks.
    I guess I’ll just have to copy the HTML of each of my posts and pages into a wordprocessor and do a mass search-and-replace to set that for every image, just like I am doing with the big pink borders on images.

    I suppose the first few themes I used must just have been fairly basic. they had differences, but not so major as these.


    Don’t use a word processor. Word processors do not speak web, and all the code from them will be stripped out when you paste it back into wordpress because it can kill your blog.


    You can copy and paste from the HTML tab in the wordpress editor into a plain text editor such as textedit (mac) or notepad (windows) and do the find and replace from there, and then delete everything from the wordpress editor HTML window and replace it with the updated code from the plain text editor.


    OK, third time is a charm. By making the change Panos suggests, it will fix the issue for this theme, but will likely mess up if you again change themes, so then you have to go back through the same thing all over again.

    Something to think about.



    ;-) Yep sorry that’s what I meant, I’ve used that method in the past.



    Hmmm your messages appeared after my reply, but appear before it here. Confusing.

    I meant that I understand HTML and have used the text editor procedure before.
    I’ve started applying Panos’ suggestion to my pages.

    Hopefully the change will be negligible when I switch to a new theme.


    Your method is fine: pasting from Word or other word processors is a problem when you paste directly into the Visual post editor, not when you paste into the HTML editor.

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