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    Hi! How do I customize the Theme color to other colors? I cant seen to find which one to change in the CSS. For example, I currently use GREY but I want to change it to the color of my choice. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is thefinethings.com.


    Some themes, such as Bueno, come with preset color schemes. To change the built-in preset color schemes for Bueno, go to Appearance → Theme Options in your dashboard and change the “Color scheme” option there.

    To make more specific, targeted color changes, you have the option to purchase the Custom Design upgrade which you can use to manually make finite adjustments using the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor.

    Note that CSS editor changes usually override theme options color schemes.

    It looks like you already have Custom Design and you are using rules like this to get a grey color in some places:

    .post-meta {
    	border-top:1px solid #e7e7e7;
    	border-bottom:1px solid #e7e7e7;

    To change those colors, go to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page and change all of the color codes from things like #9F9F9F and #e7e7e7 to color codes of your choice.

    Here is a color picker you can use to figured out different color values:

    However, I see you have also changed some colors using HTML like this:

    <span style="color:#999999;">(Or is it me? Forgotten where I kept it? No…. ) </span>

    In those cases, you should edit the individual posts where that HTML exists and change the #999999 value to a different color value of your choice.

    Here is a color picker you can use to select a color value:

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