bueno menu drop-downs run off screen at right edge

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    I only just noticed this, and it bothers me:

    In Bueno, the top-of-page horizontal menu starts almost center of screen and runs all the way to the right edge of the screen. My second-to-the-last tab (about) has a drop-down. The problem is with the secondary drop-down from the first nested one (about loop braiding). That secondary drop-down runs off the right edge of the screen (on my my “non-wide” screen, anyway). Those tabs/menu items are only half visible.

    At the very bottom of my screen a horizontal scroll bar now appears, but is useless, because if the reader stops hovering on the drop-down, both the drop-down and the scroll bar disappear.

    I have a lot of pages in that secondary drop-down, so this bothers me.

    I realize I could switch the order of my upper tabs so that the one with all the nested drop-downs wasn’t so far to the right, but I strongly prefer the order they are in now. Luckily my rightmost upper tab has no drop-downs, but if it did any secondary ones would probably be completely lost.

    Hoping this can be fixed????
    –thanks in advance for any help…


    The blog I need help with is loopbraider.com.


    I see what you refer to. I have tagged this thread for Themes Staff attention.




    I see what you mean — unfortunately this is a known issue with right-aligned drop-down menus with multiple levels. This behavior will also vary depending on the screen size (on my screen, for example, I can see all the menus and submenus just fine).

    My best advice is to move the parent menu item further to the left in the menu hierarchy so it has less chance of running off the edge of the screen.

    With a Custom CSS upgrade, you could make some tweaks to the menu such that its positioning changed slightly, but again, the display would vary depending on the screen size — it’s not foolproof. Let us know if you decide to go this route, and I’d be happy to help you with the code.

    It may also be worth checking out a different theme that does not include a right-aligned drop-down menu.



    Thank you sixhours and ttts, I guess I’ll switch my tabs around. I like other things about Bueno too much to switch themes just for this…Thanks again for your reply.

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